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Myers' Ark Taxidermy
"Making Mounts Look Alive Since 1995"
WE BOUGHT a BUILDING and will be MOVING by MAY 1, 2016!
It's the former Rieck's Water Works Building at
Directions: From the West Plains Square, go up the hill one block,
make a right on Leyda.
From the US 63/Hwy 17 junction (stoplight), go up the hill towards the
Square. Leyda is the last street on the left, prior to the Square.
Until then, we will still be open at 808 Porter Wagoner Blvd.
(Across from Autozone)

We have a "Buddy Program"  that can save you and your buddies $$$ on mounts.
You simply put your name on the back of one of our business cards and give them
to your buddies. For each friend that brings us a mount and a card with your name
on it, you get $10.00 off your mount and so do they. There is no limit, but there is
only one card per person. So, 10 buddies bring us a mount and card with your
name, they each get $10.00 off and you get $100.00 off, etc. And they can also give
cards with their names on it to others, for the same deal.

The 2015 price list is in the process of being updated. Please call for estimates.

Whitetail Deer are $425.00; less $20.00 ($405.00) for our military (past or
present), police, firefighters or EMTs/Paramedics as a
THANK YOU for your service!
Youth-killed deer are $375.00.
Solid oak or walnut panels are $50.00; engraved nameplates, as always, are FREE
We pay strict attention to detail. For instance, ALL of our deer have always come
with septums in the nose (you can shine a light from one side and see the life-like
veining. We do the alterations for this by hand.) The deer noses have the small
'bumps' on the noses applied pain-stakingly by hand, one at a time. The eye pupil
placement is correct for the pose of the head, etc.  We also do not charge extra for
various poses, with the exception of open-mouths and pedestal mounts.

With over 20 years of experience and winning over 18 World, National and State
Taxidermy Awards, our mounts will have the details you expect from a high-quality
taxidermist who was an award-winning wildlife artist (drawing, painting, sculpting)
long before becoming a taxidermist.

Taxidermy Awards include a 2nd Place at the WORLD Taxidermy Championships
for a Whitetail Deer (Open/Professional Division. Was only 7 pts. below the highest
scoring deer.) and a 3rd for a skunk mount.
(Photos can been seen elsewhere on this site.)