Couple of my very first mounts., 1995. Coyote won an
honorable mention at 1995 Missouri Taxidermists'
Association State Competition. I used the original teeth and
completely sculpted the interior of the mouth. At right is a
pronghorn antelope doe
. (Picture taken December 2010.)
My first attempt at altering a form. It won a second place at
the MO Taxidermists' Association State Competition in 1996.
First 'snow scene', too.
This skunk mount won a 3rd Place in the
Professional Division at the
World Taxidermy
There is a reproduction alligator
head in the 'water' below it.
(Picture taken December 2010.)
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Piece titled "Forever Young". This is a 2-day-old half Arabian filly that died
due to foaling problems. We decided to mount her to preserve her beauty.
In the background is a painting of the field she was born in, with her
mother grazing. Now she will be forever young.
ABOVE: This Coyote won a
2nd Place at the
Missouri Taxidermy Competition.
It is owned by and on display at
Hillbilly Junction in
Willow Springs, Missouri.
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