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Making Mounts Look Alive Since 1995
Piece  titled "Diving For Cover" with young groundhogs. The standing one on the right won a 2nd Place,
the running one a 3rd,  at the 2011 Missouri Taxidermy Competition.
(Small one standing in background is NOT ours.)
LEFT: Alaskan Black Bear

ABOVE: Closeup of his eye

BELOW: An idea we came up with, to let viewers
of the bear know where it came from
(the owner resides in Missouri, USA).
Watusi bull (Yes, his horns curved down like that.)
Now offering wholesale reptile mounting.
Longhorn bull. Horns from tip to tip are about 7 feet!
Normal color coyote, above.
Melanistic (Black) color coyote, right.
Three not-so-little pigs.