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(Must be clean of all tissue. A minimum $30.00 cleaning fee
will be charged for each item that requires cleaning.)
Whitetail, Muledeer, Pronghorn Antelope                      $60.00  
Hogs, w/lower jaw                 SM/MED                             $75.00
                                              LG/XLG                              $90.00                   
Alligator, w/jaw         SM (up to 6” long)                           $40.00
                           MD (7-12” long)                                  $60.00
                            LG (13-18” long)                                $80.00
                          XL (19”+ long)                                    $100.00
Bear, w lower jaw (Black)                                                  $80.00
“ “ “ “ “              (Other)                                                        $100.00
Coyote/Bobcat/Raccoon                                                    $50.00
Elk                                                                                          $75.00
Elk with lower jaw                                                          $110.00
Cow/Steer                                                                          $100.00
Cow/Steer with lower jaw                                            $150.00
Bison/Buffalo                                                                     $150.00
Bison/Buffal with lower jaw                                          $200.00

We offer wholesale prices to qualified taxidermists on skulls.

(Must be disassembled and free of any residue from tape,
paint or other coatings. A $30.00 cleaning fee will be charged
for each item that requires cleaning.
Gun pricing does not include
bolts, floor plates, trigger guards or ramrods. These can be
dipped for an extra charge and will not be warranted.)

Standard, Complete                                                   $165.00
Stock                                                                                $60.00
Forearm                                                                          $55.00
Double Over/Under, Complete                                 $180.00
Shot Gun Barrel                                                             $65.00
Barrel (Over/Under, Side-by-Side, Vent Rib)            $85.00
Mounts and Rings                                                         $20.00
Choke Tubes                                                                  $15.00
Thumbhole Stock                                                          $75.00
Collapsible Stock                                                          $70.00
Trigger Guard                                                                 $25.00
Bolt (No Warranty)                                                         $25.00

Rifles: (Scope waiver required)
Complete Rifle (Stock & Barrel)                               $165.00
Deluxe Rifle (Stock, Barrel, Scope, Rings)            $225.00
AR-15 Style Rifles, Complete                                   $265.00+
Muzzleloader                                                                $175.00
Rifle/Muzzleloader Stock                                              $85.00
Scope & Rings                                                              $75.00+
Trigger Guard                                                                $25.00
Bolt (No Warranty)                                                        $20.00
2-Piece Receiver                                                          $90.00
20 or 30 Magazines                                                     $15.00
1 or 2-Piece Handguard                                             $50.00

TC Contender:
Complete, 2 Piece                                                     $170.00
Contender Barrel                                                          $80.00
Hand Grips (Set)                                                          $30.00
Receiver                                                                         $75.00

Complete Handgun                                                  $125.00+
Complete Revolver                                                   $150.00+
Handgun Scope (Requires Waver)                          $60.00
Handgun Rings and Base                                         $25.00
Handgun Grips (Non-Rubber)                                  $20.00
Slide                                                                               $75.00
Frame                                                                            $75.00

Complete Gun w/Hopper and Tank                     $175.00
(Proto Style or Similar)
Complete Tippman (Or Similar)                           $250.00
Complete Tippman Rifle (Or Similar)                  $260.00
Stock                                                                             $60.00
Barrel                                                                            $50.00
Facemask                                                                    $65.00
Air Tank                                                                        $50.00
Hopper                                                                         $60.00

Complete Bow Riser and Limbs                            $150.00
Deluxe Complete Bow (Riser,                                 $200.00
Limbs, Quiver Top, Stabilizer,
Cams & Wheels)
Riser Only                                                                      $85.00
Limbs (2 Per Set)                                                         $80.00
Quiver Top                                                                     $30.00
Sights                                                                             $40.00
Stabilizers                                                                      $25.00
Cams & Wheels                                                           $40.00
String Suppressors                                                     $25.00
Car or Truck Hoods                                   $200.00
Truck Tailgates                                           $150.00
Dash Kits                                                     $150.00+
Wiper Blades (Pair)                                     $60.00
Hood Scoops                                                $50.00
Battery Covers                                               $30.00
Outside Mirrors (Pair)                                  $70.00
Valve Covers (Per Pair)                             $100.00
Interior Trim (Radio, Gauge,                    $160.00
Door Panel, Console Trim)
Interior Door Handle Cups                         $30.00
Interior Door/Window                                   $30.00
Accessory Panel                  
Air Cleaner Tops                                           $40.00
Gas Tank Doors                                           $30.00
Auto Grill                                                         $60.00
Tag Pockets                                                   $40.00
Fender Flare (Set of 4)                               $150.00+
Vent Shades (Pair)                                       $60.00
Bug Deflectors                                              $55.00
Door Handles (Pair)                                     $35.00
NOS Bottle                                                   $140.00
Steering Wheel                                             $50.00
Air Breather                                                    $75.00
Rims (Up to 20”, Each,                                $50.00
No Stainless)
Wheel Covers (Set of 4)                            $100.00
Center Caps, Lug Nuts, Per Wheel          $25.00
Engine Covers                                             $125.00-$165.00
Rain Guards, Front                                       $25.00
Rear                                       $20.00

Gas Tank                                                      $175.00+
Front Fenders                                                $95.00+
Back Fenders                                                $80.00+
Side Covers                                                   $45.00+
Handlebars                                                    $85.00+
Helmets                                                          $40.00+

Car or Truck Rims (Up to 20”)                     $65.00
(No Stainless)
Trailer Rims (Up to 15”)                               $35.00
ATV Rims (Up to 12”)                                    $25.00
“   “   “    (Over 12”)                                          $35.00

0-90cc                                                            $180.00
91cc-350cc                                                   $320.00
351cc and up                                               $400.00
Golf Carts, Rhinos                                      $480.00+
ATV Bumpers                                               $100.00
ATV Handlebars                                            $60.00

Water Skis (Pair)                                         $150.00
Kneeboard                                                    $130.00
Wakeboard                                                   $160.00
Jet Ski Accessories                                      Varies
Fishing Rods                                                  $50.00
Reels                                                                $40.00
Tackle Boxes                                                   $30.00+

Golf Club Heads                                           $15.00
Ammo Boxes                                                 $30.00+
Game Cameras                                            $40.00
Game Calls                                                    $25.00
(Qty. Discount Avail.)
Welding Hoods                                              $50.00
Hard Hats                                                        $40.00+
Light Switch, Plug-in Covers                        $  5.00
Cell Phone Covers                                        $10.00
Game Console Controller                            $15.00+
Ceiling Fan Blades, 1 Side, Each               $10.00
Photo Frames                                                 $10.00+
Toilet Seats                                                     $50.00
Doors, up to 36" wide                                  $350.00
All items must be disassembled and clean. There will be a minimum $30.00 charge for items requiring disassembly and/or cleaning.
Your item will come with a limited year warranty for workmanship and materials to the original owner of the finished item. Moving parts that slide against other parts are not covered. A
warranted item would be flaking, peeling, cracking, etc, to the finish. Scratches, scuffs, chips and other damage are not covered (but usually can easily be touched up. If minor, we may be
able to fix it for free.)
 NOTE: The following items can damage the finish and are not covered by warranty: insect repellents containing DEET, some chemical bore cleaners and any chemical
that will discolor or remove paint. There is no need to oil the outside of a gun that has a hydrographics applied, as that will protect it.

We coat our dipped parts with an automotive grade urethane clear coat that protects your finish, It is just as durable as an automotive paint finish and provides UV protection. While it is
scratch-resistant, it can be scratched, similar to your auto.
                                                                                                 ORDER AND SHIPPING GUIDELINES:
Clean the item(s):
All items must be free of any residue from tape, paint or other coatings. A minimum $30.00 cleaning fee will be charged for each item requiring
Do not send items/parts that are not to be dipped.

Firearms: ALL FIREARMS must be fully disassembled, cleaned and shipped in separate packages. For shotguns, please remove and separate the barrel from
the receiver. For rifles, please remove the bolt assembly from the action.
For the UPS guidelines, see

Scopes: Scopes must have a SCOPE WAIVER included and signed by the client before having hydrographics applied. Scopes will be submerged momentarily in
water. While most scope manufacturers claim their scopes are water-proof or water-resistant, please contact the manufacturer to be sure it can be submerged in
water. All scopes are dipped at the owner's risk and have no warranty. No scope will be dipped without the

Bows: Bows must be fully disassembled and cleaned.

Print: ORDER FORM. Select PATTERN and preferred BASE COAT (background) Color. Select GLOSS, SATIN or MATTE finish.

Pack: Pack items well. Include a copy of your filled out order form, SCOPE WAIVER (if needed), and payment for items, plus shipping both ways, with a return
shipping label. Insurance is the responsibility of the client and is highly recommended. We cannot be held responsible to damage from shipping. It is
recommended you take a photo of your item(s) (especially fragile items) just prior to shipping, in case an insurance claim must be filed.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call or email. We will be happy to help you.
What is the process for creating an item with a hydrographic pattern applied?
1. After being sure item is thoroughly clean, a primer coat is applied.
2. Next, a base coat color is applied. Different color base coat colors may be applied to many of the patterns, resulting in a variety of looks.
3. The film is placed on top of water. Activator is applied to dissolve the binding agent, leaving the liquefied pattern floating on top of the water. Item is submerged through
film,              allowing the film to wrap around and adhere to item.
4. Item is inspected for flaws.
5. Next it is rinsed to remove residue.
6. Touch up is done next, if needed.
7. Finally a clear coat (matte or glossy) is applied to protect the finish.

How durable is it?
Items are coated with a protective clear coat. On items to be used outdoors, we coat the items with an automotive-grade urethane clear coat that protects the finish, provides UV
protection and is as durable as an automotive paint. PLEASE NOTE: DEET/Bug spray can affect finishes, as well as oils.

Can items that have had a hydrographic pattern be redone?
Yes. The item(s) will have to be stripped down and the hydrographic pattern applied. Additional charges will apply to strip down the previous finish.

How much is shipping?
Shipping is paid by the client to and from HYDROStylz Hydrographics. It will vary according to size/weight. Insurance is recommended.

How long until I get my item(s) back?
In most cases, the turnaround time is four weeks or less, meaning we will ship it back to you within four weeks of receiving it.
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