Some work done for the Missouri Department
of Conservation.

Above Left, Right
Great Horned Owl (aggressive pose)
Screech Owl

(Note: These birds are not legal for the
general public to possess. In the state of
Missouri (and most other states), if there is
not a legal hunting season on an animal, it is
protected. Raptors and Migratory birds are
Federally protected.)
We have a Federal License to mount migratory birds. Various birds mounted over the years include Ringneck Pheasants, Bobwhite
Quail, Blue/Snow Geese, Mallard Ducks, Wild Turkey, Teal, Owls, Hawks, Chickadee, Sandhill Crane and chickens, to name a few.
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Turkey tail mount with engraved
turkey tracks with beard and feet.
Making Mounts Look Alive Since 1995
Turkey Tail Mount with
engraving and a place for a photo.
Hen on 'nest'
Artificial turkey head with
hand-applied feathers. (No
worry about bugs with an
artificial head.)
Missouri Ozarks turkey in full-strut pose.
Melanistic ("black") pheasant
Pheasant suspended on corn stalk to give appearance of flying.
Greater Roadrunner mounted for
National Forest Service.
Double turkey tail display. Top tail belonged
to a turkey with four beards;
bottom had three beards.